Plastools Lathe Tools for 

Sherline, Taig, and Unimat etc.

      We offer three tools in the 222 SERIES. Our Turn and Face model and a -5 degree right and left hand tools. They are offered in 1/4" and 3/8" shank sizes and in our " New Stronger"1/4" cutting height and a 3/8" square shank. Pictured to the right is a 1/4" shank tool and a 3/8" shank tool for comparison .
     All of the tools offered in this series use the same TNMG-222 insert. This insert has six strong cutting points and is one of the least expensive inserts made in the world. We supply one insert and wrench with each tool.

     Sherline makes several different tool posts for their lathes. The standard 4000A  package tool post requires a 1/4" tool cutting height. Sherline also has an optional tool post that requires 3/8" tool cutting height. We have found that the standard tool post will fit a 3/8" square shank so we developed a 3/8" square shank with a 1/4" tool cutting height for a much stronger tool than the straight 1/4" shank and tool cutting height.


1/4" -5 degree Right Hand for cutting to a square shoulder at the chuck

 1/4" -5 degree Left Hand for cutting a square shoulder at the tailstock


Lathe tool cutting Heights                    

                               1/4" tool        3/8" tool

Sherline                        *

   optional post                                   *

Taig                              *

SAKAI                                                   *

Unimat                          *

Prazi                                                     *

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