Plastools Indexable Carbide Lathe Tools


     These indexable carbide lathe tools are produced in the U.S.A. by Plastools.We offer this line of tools in what we refer to as the 322 SERIES and the 222 SERIES. The basic difference between these two is that the 322 Series uses an insert with a 3/8" I.C. (inscribed circle) while the 222 SERIES uses an insert with a 1/4" I.C. We supply the tools with either TNMG-222 or a TNMG-322 insert (uncoated C-5 or C-6 grade).

    If you have purchased one or more of our Turn And Face models and you have a tool post on your lathe that allows you to adjust the "Cutting Tool Height" you would be well advised to Set the facing point at the center FIRST. By design, the turning point will be slightly below the works center line. The turning point may need to be readjusted (higher) when you are turning very small diameters.

    We supply each tool with an insert that is perhaps the single most popular insert format in the entire history of indexable tooling. The insert has six cutting points and is molded with a chip control groove. The insert is exceedingly strong and because it has been so successful and well received there are MANY production facilites around the world that produce and sell in large volume. Which allows them to provide the inserts to be systematically the single LEAST EXPENSIVE INSERT sold in this country.

    Inserts with the following characteristics can be used in both series.

    1: 60 degree Triangle footprint

    2: 1/4" (I.C.) or 3/8" (I.C.)

    3: A standard hole in the middle

    4: Zero degrees end clearance 

The following inserts can be used to achieve various RAKE SURFACE PRESENTATIONS FROM DOUBLE NEGATIVE TO DOUBLE POSITIVE: TNMA,TNMP,TNMM,TNMS and TNMZ. Some of these inserts are single sided inserts.

    The 222 SERIES is designed for use on smaller lathes such as  Sherline, Prazi, Atlas, Taig, Unimat, Grizzly and Craftsman. The series available in 1/4" and 3/8" shank sizes each with three different versions. i.e. our TURN & FACE model and a RIGHT and Left  hand tool with -5 degree lead angle which will allow you to turn to a square shoulder at the headstock end with the RIGHT hand version and to the tailstock end with the LEFT hand version.

    The 322 SERIES is designed to be used on larger lathes and is available in right and left hand versions with lead angles of -5, 0, 15 and 30 degrees. All of these models are available in 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" square shanks. Actually the Right hand model with a 30 degree lead angle is our FAMOUS Turn and Face model.

    For the convenience of our customers we have decided to sell inserts that fit our tools. THE FOLLOWING RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

    A package of ten (10) inserts either the TNMG-222 or TNMG-322 (uncoated C-5 or C-6) for $40.00 plus shipping.

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